2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Funeral in Aberystwyth

Had a disturbed night in the hotel as the wind was so loud outside. Met up with my uncle and aunt and had a full hotel breakfast - they did have a good veggie option. 

We got changed into our funeral clothes, packed up and then spent the rest of the morning chatting in the hotel lounge. We got a taxi to the crematorium. The taxi driver asked us who's funeral it was as he'd done so many trips already. We also found out that the trains were not running due to the disruption caused by the storm. 

The funeral was beautiful (as much as such a sad event can be). We were asked to write something on a piece of slate before the service, We did one on my mum's behalf and one for us both. The coffin was made of wicker and decorated with medicinal herbs as my aunt was a herbalist. The humanist celebrant talked to the coffin throughout and B was very much part of the service. The crematorium had a huge picture window that looked out onto woodland. A rainbow appeared on cue during the service. My cousins did a fantastic job of their readings. The humanist ceremony was so personal and covered my aunt's life really well. We sang Fly me to the moon badly and had chance for a few peaceful moments to say our own goodbyes. There was standing room only at the back of the crematorium. 

We assembled back at the hotel for the wake. Not many wakes feature Turkish Belly dancing .......but it was apt and appreciated. We had chance to talk to our cousins and to B's parents and sister. 

Due to the train disruption we got to the station early. Luckily the trains were now running again so we did not have to endure the bus replacement service. Back to my sister's house at a reasonable time and then to bed. 

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