By Ingeborg

Rubber Ducky Day

It's International Rubber Ducky Day and our lot is having a special celebration. They're probably feeling a lot more festive than I do, this busy weekend has made my neck hurt, my feet hurt more and my eyes are not seeing properly either (could be that they need to get used to the new pair of glasses, my first bifocals, but I had them for two weeks already). It might have more to do with being tired and a bit of overindulgence last night at the neigbourhood's New Year's get-together. Anyway, from tomorrow I will try the stricter regime...

Thanks so very, very much for all the Abstract Thursday entries, 106 in all !! I was thinking 5 hearts would never be enough, but choosing more than that would even be harder. The whole collection of entries is a feast to be seen, do have a look here !  This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'shape(s)' and the tag will be AT186

Here's my list of last Thursday's specials:
CaliforniaGirl1   for a simple shot with an eyetwisting effect
KangaZu            for a wonderful shadow lines shot
KenPetch           for a water reflection looking like an ICM effect
Cassnet             for a shot of one of her own abstract paintings
Romay               for a great abstract portrait consisting of lines

Thank you again and thank you for all the kind comments and stars for yesterday's still life :-)

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