By KarenClicks

In and Out

Sunday lunch with the folks. Good, cheap burgers!

Still catching up with people at church - due to the holidays and illnesses, many have been out the previous three Sundays. I’m looking forward to plugging into a small group for the time I’m here! (And it’ll be at my old house with a number of ladies I know, all 50+.)

After lunch, Mom and I did a bit of shopping while Daddy sat in the car and read on his iPad. I got a couple tops and a pair of trousers, all on sale!

Speaking of reading, I joined Kindle Unlimited (at least for this month to try it), so I’ve been doing more reading! I love to read!! I’ll probably stick with Kindle unlimited because if I only read one new book a month, it’ll cost less than buying and reading a new book a month.

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