Breathe In And Out...

By ScotNatureBoy

Feeling a bit 'Bonnie and Clyde' in Beijing

BACKBLIP: I was unable to blip while I was away in China for over two weeks (blipfoto is not accessible there). I'm attempting to catch up!

In China, you very quickly realise that any business that you have to do involving cash transactions (and China hasn't modernised SO fast that the need for cash has been obviated - anything but!) is going to involve huge piles of notes. We think the Chinese don't use banknotes any larger than 100 yuan (the red ones in the picture), worth at current rates about £10. Imagine several thousand pounds made up in tenners and this is what you see. We had to use cash for the key transactions required during our trip and what you see here is the result of a fairly major travellers cheque signing session at the local Bank of China. As it was the most important part of our day, it is also a fitting blip topic! Neither of us had ever seen so many banknotes (certainly not in a hotel bedroom!). Hence the 'Bonnie and Clyde' feeling. Thank goodness we had a safe in the room!

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