Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

5 year celebration (gone awry)

Congratulations to this challenge on it's fifth birthday.  Here is a link to the first one instigated by Paladian.  I note the date of judging was 27 January 2014 and I suppose because of leap years, the change of days over the years or a spacial anomaly  or the like we are on 260 weeks or 5 years on the 14th rather than the 27th (which is a Sunday this year in any event).  The fact that it is still going after 5 years atones to the popularity of the challenge and the good will of the blip community so congratulations to all.

My plan for having this helium 5, oh yes it is a helium balloon and a large 5, off a well known landmark was scuppered by a Southerly bluster that had it horizontal.  My sparkler of a 5 went up in a sea of sparks with no resemblance to a 5 and so the helium balloon was hung on the clothes line at home out of the wind and at least is roughly vertical.  Hence my comment (gone awry).

Results out on Thursday all being well.

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