By karenmace25

monday 14th january

The Duck view!

While the sun was out this  morning we managed to get over to RHS Hyde Hall for a little stroll and seemed to attract the attention of the ducks and geese on one of the ponds, so had to rummage in my handbag for old biscuits to keep them happy!  WAs also happy to see that a mark that had been on my camera lens for quite sometime - unless I zoomed in very close! - had gone so not sure what was going on there! Might not need to go camera shopping after all!

Bit of damage in the garden this morning with pots overturned and plants dug up which we're putting down to exuberant foxes having play time.. might need to put up a camera out there so we can see what they get up to! Wish they'd tidy up after themselves!!

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