By BernardYoung

The End of the World

I didn’t tell her that
there are plenty more pebbles on the beach
even though it’s plain to see
that there are.

And I didn’t mention
that there are plenty more
fish in the sea.

And obviously ‘cheer up
it may never happen’
was out of the question.

And I didn’t think it would be helpful
to become Mr Jovial
and say ‘pull your socks up
and get out there.’

Nor did I consider it advisable
to say ‘Well, I never thought
he was right for you anyway.’

But I did think it sensible
to sympathise
and say that it will hurt
and it will take time
and that it’s something
we all have to go through.

And not necessarily just the once.

But it’s not the end of the world.
(Though I didn’t say that either).

The End

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