Breakey Blips

By ElizabethB

The aftermath of AJ

So, I sent a shiny clean young chap to the Australian Scout Jamboree.
AJ 2019

And this is what was returned to me! A smelly and VERY dirty young man.

The message sent ahead to parents was not to wear light colored clothes for a first hug with their returned scout, and I can understand why!

He seems to have grown while he was in South Australia, rolling and rolling in dust, and had a really good time too.

He went straight from car to the laundry, emptied his bag of clothes, new treasures and a whole load of red SA dirt.

Next, into the shower.
Having washed himself 'boy clean', he appeared in the kitchen - ravenous for food- only to be returned to the shower to become 'mum clean'. I didn't have the heart to send him back for a third shower, but it was still needed!

Welcome home A, dirt and all!

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