His Simple Rose

By HisSimpleRose

Blessing's Got Talent.

So... after making yummy dark truffles at the Palace Hotel, and finding out that I'm apparently more of a fatoholic/sugarholic than a chocoholic (due to the fact that there is very little chocolate in milk chocolate... and for the white chocolate lovers out there, well, there isn't even any coca beans in that...), I went over to Manchester Central to meet the Ellis' and Blessing who was auditioning for Britain's Got Talent. Although Blessing is an excellent dancer, she auditioned for singing, which she also has a talent for.
It was the first audition with the Producers, not the live audition for the judges.
The waiting period was longer than expected... The whole thing took approx. 6 hours.
There was an open mic (which wasn't on...) and a dance floor in the holding room, so we got a look at quite a lot of talent and some excellent singers - who knows, the winner could have been in that room with us...
Hopefully Blessing got through, but if the case is otherwise, the crew got a lot of footage of her dancing, and some of her singing in a mirror, so TV watch out!

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