By PicturePoems

Sew ...

The last time I used my sewing machine was long before I needed glasses to thread a needle - possibly over 20 years ago - probably over 30. Today I was delighted to discover I could still remember how to thread the thing and work it. All this because I had A Bright Idea: to make waterproof aprons to wear when cuddling guinea pigs, thus avoiding any piddling accidents!

Nearly four decades ago, when I was having babies, it was possible to buy from Mothercare towelling aprons with a waterproof backing. They were especially designed to be worn when bathing a baby. Same deal: they prevented piddling accidents. So, as Granny to three guinea-pigs, I went to Mothercare thinking to buy one or two aprons for piggie-nursing activities. No joy! The young assistant had never heard of such a thing and, after vaguely pointing at nursing bras(!), suggested I look online.

So then I decided I could make some.

Today I made my prototype - it worked quite well, but I shall refine the design in the next. Today's was cut from an old towel and backed by waterproof polyester shower-curtain material. I modelled it on a cooking apron we have (but rarely wear). However, while the idea's been on the back burner, I thought I could improve on the design. Since cutting out the towelling model, I've bought some fleecy material (see my blip's border) and shower curtains and the next one won't be halter-neck. I shall improve on the straps' design. (Such fun!)

I haven't told my daughter what I'm up to. The aprons, I am sure, will be a pleasant surprise when we see her next month. And with three piggies to cuddle, I hope to have at least three aprons to take with me. A secretive sew-and-sew, aren't I?! :-)

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