By iaint


The day began about 2:30 when the intruder alarm went off outside my bedroom window. Something of a surprise, as it is - allegedly - broken beyond repair and awaiting a replacement. It was not even activated - obviously - as I was in the house. 

I’ve been trying to put a positive spin on it. Best I can think of is it will have woken the neighbours too. 

Not long afterwards, I was struck by Delhi Belly and it must have been 5am by the time I got back to sleep. 

The end result has been a sick day, spent mostly on the sofa. Looks like the problem has been something I ate, and not a virus, so I’m relieved (if you’ll pardon the expression). 

From time to time at work we watch the proceedings at the Scottish Parliament on TV - usually if the Boss is giving a speech or asking a question. Then having a wee look at Westminster on TV this evening really was like going back 4 3 2 centuries. What a shambles. 

My system felt robust enough for a proper dinner, so I conjured up spaghetti with a chicken, olive and tomato sauce. I made the tomato sauce (and then froze some) myself back in September using tomatoes from the Boss’ greenhouse. It is wonderful - mostly due to the raw ingredients and not my cooking skills, I might add. Worth a Blip. 

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