The whole package

Something that started out quite a long time ago, with an idea of a ledstrip on a board the kids in school could program to create any light effect they could imagine. I’ve worked on the hardware design, the software, a 3D design for the case and its lid and now I can say the whole bundle is complete. I’ve shown you four of them in action last Sunday and today I’m showing the internals of the fifth ledstrip which is now completed as I type this. It has been so much fun creating this stuff and making it as cheap as possible so the school could afford it. With this package completed, I can now focus on two more things: making this work with the new version of the Scratch programming language and writing some lessons for the children so they can take their first steps in the world of computer programming. For the first I need to wait a bit. I could work on the lessons, but I guess that will also have to wait until after my photography trip to Glencoe.

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