Marking Time

By Libra

Welcome from a virtual nurse

We visited a friend in Larbert hospital this afternoon and noticed this hologram at the entrance which is totally ignored by all visitors.
Maybe this is not surprising because if you are going to a hospital then it is bound to be a stressful situation and your mind is on the person you are going to visit. 
You are unlikely to pause to take in health messages from a “fake person” telling you to stop smoking, exercise more and eat a healthy diet (incidentally all the vending machines in the hospital are full of crisps, sweets and chocolate).
While the hologram may be a very expensive NHS mistake it does point to the future- we are all going to have to take more responsibility for our own health.
NHS Babylon has just rolled out its Digital Twin.
This app allows you to create your own digital twin, which allows you to monitor your health.
I am about to sign up.

Nurse Hologram
Digital Health

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