By AnneILM60

Paper beads

Paper beads that I made yesterday. As with all “crafts/hobbies”, practice makes perfect - or at least better!

These were the first I’ve ever made and I now have ideas on how to improve my process and outcome.

Thirteen years ago, when visiting my sister for Christmas, I came home with what was then “new fangled” LED icicle lights. My ex-brother-in-law had bought them and my sister hated them and so they were happy to have me take them home.

I proceeded to put them up in my living room. I like them up there and they were such a pain to get put up, I decided to leave them there 365 days of the year! (Extra #1)

I don’t know if it’s because they are plugged into 110 and not 220, but after 13 years of running 24/7 they are still going strong. :-)

Well this year the hubby saw the “meteor” lights and fell in love with them. So of course I purchased some and have put them up in the living room. (Extra #3)

The “old” icicle lights have been relocated to the back porch where they look awesome in the evening. (Extra #2)

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