Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I love a good rainbow - especially when it has its shadow alongside. This one was a full bow, but I'd have to have been on the roof to capture it all, so I settled with what I could capture through the open window. A changeable day - these black clouds actually gave us a hail storm, and the relatively mild temperatures had dropped to 3ºC by this afternoon. A good day, however, in that I spent an enjoyable morning discussing this Sunday's sermon over coffee with my fellow lay preacher - it's good to feel your brain really working for a change.

It compensated a little for the nonsense that our country's going through just now. I've reached the stage where that knowledge is always there, in the background, like an earworm - I can enjoy doing other things, but can always feel the rage simmering away. When I was a child just after WW2 I used to listen to my parents' stories of life during the war - my father wasn't young enough to be conscripted at the beginning, and in fact volunteered in, I think, 1942, so they had some shared experiences in Glasgow as well as the time apart when father was in the Western Desert and mother was holding the fort in their Hyndland flat. I wondered then how they could possibly do anything normal, enjoy listening to music or eating corned beef sandwiches, when there was a war on.

And now, without belittling the horrors they went through,  I know.

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