By Angelique


This will be the last project, another lampshade but this time for me.

I am about to join up the six sides.  A difficult process requiring two of us so I will have to wait until Mr A is in a good mood.  We normally end up arguing as he insists on telling me how to do it!!

All the other materials have arrived, ie. electrical wiring, vase cap etc.  I will let you see how it turns out.

Been a busy day having performed as John the Baptist for two schools as part of Open the Book.  I think I got the part because I can raise my voice!

After that food shopping,  oh what joy.  The sorting out continues and will go on for weeks.

Half way through another week and another week nearer Spring.  Rough night here.  The wind is howling and the rain coming down in squalls.

Thank you fellow blippers for your continued support.  Sending hugs and love xxxx

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