If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Cinclus cinclus

Before we started the final "sort out" before the Visit England inspection tomorrow we headed out to Ullswater.  It is a long time since I did any photography down there.  A lovely sunny morning with a dusting of snow on the fells.  Stepping out of the car I was almost blown over!

With sun on the fells and lakes landscape photography was a given.  Wrong!  I spotted a movement, a white blob I had taken to be sun on a wet rock suddenly jumped into the water.  Dipper!  I have never managed to get a shot (let alone a half decent one) of a Dipper so this had to be the shot (after a bit of careful stalking).

Now as short rant.  I use scientific names so that any readers outside UK can check which bird, animal, plant I am talking about.  That is why scientific names exist (in part anyway).  So why oh why did the powers that be decide to mess about with the names of birds, seemingly to standardise names.  So strictly speaking the above is a White-throated Dipper not the Dipper it has been for centuries.  Rant over.

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