... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wimbledon Park: GCG Flapping

Embracing the warm light more enthusiastically in large.
GCG shaking
BHG harassing GCG (1/2)
Swanny shapes and reflections

Wimbledon Park first thing; the light was beautifully warm, but it was absolutely frigid... I was pleased to see this great crested grebe: it was snoozing when I arrived, but woke and preened, got attacked by some gulls (which mistook a feather in its beak for food, perhaps), then pottered off far from the edge.
There were four swans milling about, and they did some courtship dancing (à deux & à quatre) in the golden light which was rather mesmerising.

Went to Wandsworth Common in the early afternoon with my mother: we saw the shovelers, and she met the new cob swan that's settled on the pond with the pen who lost her previous mate.

Others here (or right from B&W birds)

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