Peacock proud

This is my 300th blip and feeling like this young peacock. Proud of my 300th and still young in compare with others here, who have done more than 1000 blips.
I know I am not every day here, because I don't always have time or as I see all that has happened last year.
The death of my swans I still cannot get over that, I guess I never will the way it happened and after that and because of that I ended in the hospital they needed to remove my appendix with hole in it.
So maybe I can be proud of myself, just like this young peacock, he or she earned his/her beautiful feathers.
Life goes on and if we live well, the colours of our feathers will become more beautiful when we get older. Well being 60 almost 61 I hope I can colour them well.

Thank you for all the comments and stars, maybe a heart. And thank you for the once who follow me, very much appreciated.

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