It's Now or Never

We were joined by a singer today and he was superb!

He gave Paul the mike to sing It's Now or Never. Paul will rarely sing but we all know he can.

In the afternoon, 86 year old Babs stood up to make an announcement so we all stopped to listen to her. She said we must all think of Carol (my boss who has pneumonia) but to thank me for such a fantastic day and then they all applauded! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!  

It wasn't all plain sailing as one chap decided he was going across the road to the book shop to spend his book tokens. He was very determined so I went with him (to his puzzlement). The staff seemed to know him and he gave them a list of books he wanted ordered and we then returned to the club.

Later, I telephoned his wife and she said he was obsessed with books and would call the book shop.

Never a dull moment!  

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