The Appetizer Snow: Snow on the Rhodies

Central Pennsylvania got a little bit of snow Thursday night into Friday. We had just about two or three inches; a bit more than a dusting, really. But perhaps you've heard: there's more snow on the way. MUCH more snow. Possibly a foot or more in the area where I live, with sleet and ice mixed in.

So this little snow was just the appetizer, to be followed by a much larger snow buffet as the main course! Then the bottom will drop out and temps will plummet, and it'll all freeze solid into one big block of cement. Hey, good times!  ;-)

After the tiny snow, my husband and I went out and shoveled the drive way and cleared off the cars. It didn't take long, not even a half-hour to clear the hundred-foot drive way. It seemed almost like a joke, but it won't be quite such a laugher for the next round!

I took my camera and walked around the yard, taking pictures of the everyday, normal things in light snow: the trees, the bushes, the yard. In the shot above, you may see light snow on the rhodies (as we call them; they're rhododendrons).

I could almost hear a song forming in my head: "There's snow on the rhodies, and you know it's gonna get a little colder every day!"

The soundtrack song is Gordon Lightfoot, with Cold on the Shoulder.

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