By greengirl


My bivvying adventures were partly inspired by someone called Alistair Humphreys, who lives adventurously but realises that we can't all spend 4 years cycling round the world. Instead, he encourages everyone to have "micro adventures", really just ways to get out of doors. Some of these are ridiculously achievable (or should be). 

On his blog today, I read about one called "Sketch the View". It just means getting out and drawing something for 15 minutes. No pressure to be artistic. I' m good at the getting out bit so I took along a small sketch book and a pencil and looked for something to draw. I rejected a lot of things but I did have a very nice time just sitting by the Cairn Water and watching a pair of dippers.

Finally, as I was almost home, I settled on sketching this interesting fallen bough. Here's my 15 minute offering. It's no great shakes but it did get me to stop and look. Why not have a go yourself?

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