... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nēnē Affray

In more of a flap in large.
Extra:  Wood Duck on Water

It is my mother's birthday and we went to the Wetland Centre, so I'd intended to put up a picture of the emperor geese nibbling on her, but there was no nibbling today... Two of the four nēnēs had snuck through to the tundra geese: the sweet solitary nēnē was peacefully mooching with the emperor geese, but the other nēnē (one of the tricky trio) was marauding about, yowling for its friends, and causing trouble. It even managed to rile the normally placid and positive emperor geese into a mad flutter, with the friendly nēnē trying to hide amongst them, while the other one tried to berate it.
My blip is the solitary nēnē being taken under its emperor friend's wing as the other nēnē chases... I struggled to choose because the lovely light and unusual activity created quite a lot of opportunities.

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