Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Number 7 - in the ice

Amazingly, my flight arrived in Newark last night right on schedule and ahead of the storm.  Hubs and I stopped at our favorite pub for a burger on the way home and ran into our neighbors so had a nice visit.  By the time we got home, the snow had started - a wet, wintry mess.  This morning, we awoke to white...covered in ice.  Not really a lot of snow, maybe 2 or 3 inches, but about a half inch or so of ice on everything.  

During the day, the temps have dropped and the winds have picked up.  Meanwhile, all the tree limbs are still covered in a thick coating of ice so I expect we'll lose some tree branches before it's all over.  Tomorrow's high will only be 12 F - brrrr.

Anyhoo...after Hubs and I went to the gym, I bundled up and spent a short while outside.  Ice and snow sometimes bring interesting birds to the yard and while there was not anything overly exciting today, there was this single starling.  Unusual for me to have starlings in the yard, and certainly unusual to have only one as they usually seem to travel in noisy mobs.  Anyway, yard bird # 7 for this year - surrounded by icy branches.  One and done.

Meanwhile, mom and dad are enjoying beautiful weather in Tucson and I wishing I was with them.  That said, it was very nice to be snuggled in my own bed with Hubs and the cats last night!

Expect another wintry blip tomorrow.


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