Big Hill

By bighill

Inspired by another blipper....

Another blipper who seems to have stopped blipping, but continues to post on FB, posted a few photos the other day, of rocks and cracks and patterns....i loved the image so i used it as a jumping off point for this painting.    I find it fascinating that we can find inspiration in all sorts of places, and being able to use these images, as a spring board excites me.   this looks nothing like Jac's image.....but i've now used it a few times, and i'll probably continue to use it cos it has infinite possibilities....see extra for another one using the same image!

We've been awaiting a mighty storm, but it seems to have fizzled out....mind you it was -6C in the studio this morning!   Didn't have much in the way of mojo today for painting .... but having spent a lot of energy to heat the place, i felt obliged to at least try!!!!

Temps are on the rise right now, and i think we have rain going on outside!!!

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