MonoMonday: Hope

Helen is visiting with her boyfriend. They played tennis with John and I went for my swim then we went up the street for coffee. 
Afterwards, on a wander through the Antique Shop, Omar, knowing I was looking for a Hope theme for MM pointed out this poster. He says it is the original Star Wars movie and called "A New Hope". Of course, never having seen a Star Wars movie, I can only take his word for it and certainly wouldn't have known. (BTW it cost $900!)
Thank you Omar :-) And thanks Jensphotos for hosting.

Also in the antique shop, they purchased a board game called "Stop the Press" for $4.
They were hoping to play it with the grandchildren but when they started they found it involved writing headlines for suggested newspaper stories such as "crime", "sport", "murder", "scandal". Unfortunately the words available  included "porn", "orgy", "sex", "nude" etc. 
They played scrabble instead but we hope to play it tonight, adults only.

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