By feorlean

The other side of the sea...

I visited the Port of Zebrugee this morning to hear from those on the front line of importing and exporting across the North Sea.

They are well prepared and thoughtful, though they admit that there will be unforeseen problems too. I left with a great deal to think about , things that will assist in the “no deal” planning in which the Scottish Government is deeply engaged and which will need to be further intensified following the Prime Minister’s unhelpful statement later in the day.

I was also struck by the sheer scale of this port which , amongst other things, is the biggest hub in Europe for the distribution of cars and vans which arrive from all over the world. The picture shows one of the smaller vessels that carries them, and the bow of a bigger one , as both make their way through the lock that separates the inner port from the outer Harbour.

My extra picture is of that outer harbour in the day’s bring , but very cold, sunshine.

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