By Realgrumpytyke

First a thank you. Then an ambition

A big thank you to the blippers who welcomed me back after not only a long absence but then very sporadic posting. This makes me determined to keep up not only with reasonably regular blipping but, more important, to browse your journals regularly. And of course thank you to Ilze (blipper 'momilze'' though she hasn't blipped for a while - busy setting up her photo studio business in Latvia) who set me the challenge of 300 blips by Christmas, which got me going again.
So what's today's blip about? 
Recently I came across the 'Frugal Film Project' from my grumpytyke blog and found that although based in USA a tyke photographer (Graham Binns, a professional in Cleckheaton) was one of those taking part. The idea is to to use a cheap camera and cheap film to build up a kind of portfolio over a year.
I've never succeeded to do regular blips using film but this project got me thinking.  What if I took a few shots, reserving the date for a 'backblip', then developed the film etc and blipped when I could?
Graham is using a Zeiss Ikonta which he bought from a charity shop for £7. So, I've taken my Super Ikonta (£20 a few years ago) from the display shelf and dug out some outdated film and will have a go. 
The camera is from the mid-1930s so made by Zeiss in Jena, not Stuttgart. Great 105mm f/3.8 Tessar lens though uncoated. It will make 6x9cm negatives or with masks other sizes, so will rival some very costly digitals.
I found only one film I will develop myself, the HP5, so will start with that; the XP2 needs the C41 'colour' process although it's b&w and I cannot be bothered with that complication. But I have an excellent processing shop (ProAm) in nearby Bradford. The HP5 is easy. 

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