A Tribute to Life.

By suzannesimons


They promise for tomorrow snow. I thought it would be wise to provide a fresh bed for my little herd. My little herd of 4! Lilly the horse, George the Donkey, Mylady, and Melody the sheep. If I could I would like to at a little mini goat. The problem is that they are dangers for the garden and vineyard. They eat everything!!!! It would be so lovely a little white goat, but let's keep Calm and happy with what we have. While cleaning the stable I was thinking about gratitude, and I wish to share that I felt so happy and thankful for this beautiful and safe shelter for my animals. Many animals don't live in a healthy and respectful ambiance and I am so happy that I can offer them a Good home, to make it every day, " a  " Good day! "

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