Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sun and snow

The forecast had threatened another pretty miserable day, but by mid-morning things were looking hopeful, and I was lured from spending some time on sensible pursuits (ironing, sewing a hem that's been waiting months) to go and play in the snow that had been falling since before I was up. This photo of Glen Massan is taken from the track to the top of Benmore Gardens (again!) and shows just how beautiful it became. 

What is less obvious is that we were actually soaking by this time: the sun had enough warmth in it - even at 1ºC - to melt the snow on the trees, so all the way up through the forest we'd been dripped on, as if there was a heavy shower in progress. My gloves were sodden from pushing aside rhododendron branches laden with snow, so that it didn't fall on our heads, and there were great balls of wet snow forming on my yak-tracks, so that I had to keep shaking them off.

It was, however, completely glorious. The roads are clear, but the surrounding countryside is white. It's a good day to live in these parts.

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