Penn State at Zero Degrees

After our weekend wintry weather event, the polar vortex moved in and temperatures plummeted into the deep freeze. It was zero degrees F on Monday morning, when I spent a little time between buses walking around taking pictures on campus. I was all bundled up, in many layers. Yes, I have the gear for cold weather, and I am a girl who usually doesn't mind the cold.

The winter shadows are blue before the coming of the light, and I was there to witness some of that. And look at those clear skies that followed the storm. There's a joke around here that goes like this: If God isn't a Penn State fan, then why is the sky blue and white?

This is also a question we might ask even more often than usual in the winter time, when our pretty campus is covered in white stuff (with blue snow melt on the paths); and is lit by bluebird skies above and highlighted in blue shadows below. In fact, it's just breathtaking (as is the cold!).

In the photo above, you may see Old Main off to the left. It's our chief administrative building and a favorite photography destination, both inside and out. There is one of the old bells from the bell tower, right in the center. And off to the right is a favorite tree, which I adore at every opportunity, both from up close and from afar.  :-)

The soundtrack song for this cold blue and white image is a favorite song, which I have always adored. It is Joni Mitchell, with Come in From the Cold.

The link I've posted features Come in From the Cold as the very first song, but there are more songs to listen to if you're a fan, as the video is nearly 44 minutes long. Or you can just watch the first few minutes to get the song I've recommended.

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