By WharfedaleBex

Hot and cold

Someone's pressed the reset button. I'm heading back to the factory for ten hours a night for a reboot. Completely comatosed. Third night running.

I made it up here again so I'm out of the woods but I'm going slower than Little Dog in full sniff mode. Time to enjoy though. And I made the most of it today with little wind and the sun coming out for our arrival up here.

I loved the hot and cold sides of the moors.  I went up the left hand side, not intending to go this far but the snow pulled me upwards.  I didn't really have a plan once I got up here but seeing the pristine path on the other side, that was decision made for the way down.  Thoroughly enjoying a slow trudge through the crunchy snow, I stopped plenty of times for a photo or three.

I've done nothing for the rest of the day apart from make a healthy (and exceptionally yummy) granola that I've added to my cardboard muesli recipe. Exhausted now. Fairly certain (and quite hopeful) that it'll be another ten-hour blackout tonight.

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