By AllanG

After the frost...

I was up early and busy doing odd jobs so didn't really look outside until drawing the bedroom curtains as I delivered a 'good morning cuppa' to Mrs G! Disappointment hit me as I saw the frost on the grass and realised that is was an opportunity missed....An hour later, just after our morning bowl of porridge I looked into the garden and saw the frost had gone but there were droplets of melted ice handing from branches in the appletrees in the garden.  Quickly grabbing a camera and a warm jacket I went outside to try and capture some of the magic of them, and the blip is one of the better ones.  There is a lot which can be improved, like using a tripod with a macro lenses but at least its a start.....
Much of the rest of the day was spent slowly moving the bathroom project ahead, and now the shower tray is sealed into the wallboards, and the window surround is complete.  Tomorrow the plan is to fit the doorframe and door....fingers crossed!

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