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By BoHingles

Cold enough to freeze......

.....ya nipples off.

The ice was so harsh, Gemma couldn't get into her car when she left ours at 23:00 without hot water being poured all over it.

We watched the King of Thieves film which is about the Hatton Garden robbery in 2015. There are three big films about this story already and I had already seen one of them = The Hatton Garden Job a year ago.

King of Thieves had a bigger budget with some big name British actors but I don't think it was any better or worse than the one Larry Lamb is in. They were shot almost scene for scene apart from the last ten minutes. I did really like Michael Gambon's character though, wonderful acting.

I'd recommend watching either one but no need to watch both. 7/10

Mr Bo Hingles

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