Kirsty's day!

By Mummyof2

Snow day!

It started snowing at 2pm. First it was wet and it didn’t stick but then came the big flakes. The children were collected and as soon as our class had gone we made tracks. Got stuck not far from school on a big hill as there was a transporter trying to get down the hill and a car trying in vain to get up the hill.
A lovely lady came and informed several of us so I made my way down another big and scary hill.
Getting to the bottom the main roads were gridlocked.
I tried to get up to the Handy Cross roundabout one way but gave up and tried to go along the main road through Wycombe. Managed to get stuck on the hill half way as there were other cars stuck.
Eventually I made it to the top and started to head back down the hill.
I crossed paths with a lady who was pushing a shopping trolley full of shopping. She had walked all the way from wycombe and was making her way down to the bottom of the hill so I gave her a lift.
Finally made it home 3 hrs and 20 mins after I left.

Woke up this morning to hear the glad tidings that we were having a snow day!!

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