Mattemburgh in the snow

For today’s Wide Wednesday Challenge, with thanks to Freyad for hosting this time, today's theme is 'places you love'. This is the place where I’m going to guide soon, it’s a manor house with landscaped gardens and a large wood. It's a place that has always fascinated me, until the 90s it was inhabited and the house and gardens could not be visited. But now it is open to the public and guided tours of the house and gardens are available.  We drove by several times today as my car had to go for its yearly MOT. Several euros lighter the car has now passed and is fit for another year, hopefully.
Our own garden is looking very snowy too, and a place I definitely love, but as I’m not so fond of the pano distortions of my iphone, making it look much larger and bendy than it is, I’ve put that pano in the extra.

Remember tomorow's Abstract Thursday Challenge has the optional theme of 'texture' and the tag is AT187

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday’s Scottish paperweight.

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