By TeamG


A freezing cold day, which we spent at home, staying nice and warm.

James was today’s entertainment! He is after another Paw Patrol toy and I’m refusing (bad mummy). After another “discussion” about said toy, James stomped off saying he was going to go to the toy shop himself. A few minutes later I heard some rumbling about, went through the house and found James: hat on, wellies on, pulling his jacket on and had the garage key out to go and get his bike, and the house keys out too. He’s my boy alright!!!!! Trying very hard not to laugh, we had a further chat about him not having any money (that’s ok, the ladies in the shop have money) and how heavy the toy would be to carry (also ok, James planned to stop at Tesco to get a trolley). The wee soul had thought it all through, I couldn’t help but be impressed!

We opened up and built a couple of toys that had been received at Christmas and put away for a stay at home day / when we had more space; so both James and Annabelle have enjoyed them. Annabelle loves James’ toys and he loves hers - typical!

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