Was about to try and grab 40 winks this afternoon when I realised I had to blip. It was getting dark.

I got the light pad out and posed these two seeds on it for a macro. As I've said before, the light pad is very disappointing because the illumination is not even and as you can see from this, it's not very bright either.

Still, I did start this chill, frosty day with Tai Chi and Aqua Aerobics. Ate my breakfast of peanut butter on M&S oaty gluten free bread in the cafe with a large latte. It was good weather for architectural photography but I'm not near any architecture of note.

Permajet rang to say they couldn't produce my icc profiles because I had used a Fotospeed colour patch. Curses. Reprinted the colour patch on three Permajet papers and will have to post them off tonight.

Managed five minutes of rehearsing Mozart Mass in C Minor before having to eat dinner and rush off to choir.

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