The Lookout, Calton Hill

Yesterday to celebrate my son, Adam's birthday I took him to lunch at  the Lookout by Gardiner's Cottage at the top of Calton Hill. The meal and the views from this new restaurants are superb though the service for such a small venue could have been better. It was strange looking through the windows and seeing a reflection of St. Giles and the Hub set against  the Orchils in Fife. They were somewhat more impressionistic especially as there is triple glazing than they appear in this image. The development of the old observatory site which sits a good thirty or more feet above the previous Calton Hill views allows you to encompass awider panorama of Edinburgh in your photos as is evident in my extra which includes St.Giles, the Hub and the Castle in the distance. It was an ultra bright day with hardly a cloud in the sky except to the south but with a more interesting skyline I could see lots of scope for future photography

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