Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Milk Maid

We did a tour guided hike early this morning to The Waterfalls at Montusi Lodge in the Drakensburg Mountains (South Africa) and got back to our room a couple of hours later to enjoy a coffee.

The maid walked past the window carrying the milk for our fridge on her head as she had things in her hands - quite an african tradition. I couldn't resist getting her to pose for the amusement of fellow blippers; it literally adds a new meaning to milk maid!

Early this afternoon we went for another hike to the Cascades in The Royal Natal National Park, a World Heritage Site, and the extra shows me cooling off in the water pool there.

On getting back to the room, Mrs BB went for a swim in the hotel dam and the extra shows her just plunging in for her one mile swim.

Late this afternoon we watched the film 'Zulu' on DVD in our room. Filmed in 1964 based on the Rorkes Drift Battle it was weird to look out our window and see the scenery in the film -That doesn't happen often!

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