The upside of being unwell is that when you become well again, regular normality feels amazing. I've been in this position many times before, which means that I know that it will soon wear off and normality will just be normal again. Today I made the most of the feeling while it lasts

It's like starting the day with a ten-pound note which falls out through a hole in your pocket. You find out at the end of the morning when you have nothing with which to pay for your lunch. Your mood rapidly dips, leaving you fed up and hungry all afternoon. On the way home, you find a ten-pound note on the pavement. You're returned to exactly where you started from at the beginning of the day, except that your mood has now been lifted, to much higher than it was in the first place. You finish the day in a much better frame of mind than when you started.

So today ...

Worked on my new story.

Took a walk over the top of the frozen moor in bright sunshine, crunchy snow underfoot, words in my head.

Finished first draft of new story.

Session in the Leeds Library.

Watched "The Favourite". Loved it. Highly recommended.

Stole Found a carrier bag full of large bars of Dairy Milk Chocolate (they were going to be doing their rather drunk, rather chunky rightful owner no good at all).

Distributed appropriated chocolate around town on what was a bitterly cold night. Desperately sad to find so many homeless folk huddled up in doorways.

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