Acrobat Practice

I minded the kids this afternoon and Hugh wanted to play cricket! Despite the heat I managed a few "overs" with them. I discovered he is a much better bowler than I am (unsurprisingly). I couldn't even get the ball near the rubbish bin stumps.

It wasn't all that smart in the heat as I then went straight to the opening of a portrait exhibition in Katoomba. Maybe people gave me a little extra personal space:-) It was needed as was very crowded and I will have to return for a proper look.

Trisharooni exhibited a wonderful portrait and got my vote for people's choice, and not just because it was hers. I should have got a shot of it for you. I will when I return (with her OK).

The other entry which took my eye was a painting of Craig which I have put in the extra. 
I have to admire an artist (on the left) who can produce a more lifelike image with a paintbrush than I can with a camera.

The main blip is of a guy who must practice his routine in the late afternoon in the carpark. I have seen him once before and couldn't resist blipping him while I had the chance.

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