The Pensioner

By Pensioner

Some Draw..

So, the trip back north and feet up awhile before heading out for more footballing nonsense. And who came along but K - of P&K. An avowed Dundee supporter, but surely a well enough behaved one in the unlikely event of Dundee scoring a goal to confidently invite along. 
Ye Gods, we struggled a bit, as we do without Naismith. Our defence was uncharatceristically shaky and despite some of the young lads up front playing a bit of decent football, there was never much they were going to do with high balls fired at them from 50 yards. Yes, we got beaten. By the bottom club. K slyly grinned as he bought us pints afterwards.
But it wasn’t all bad. For the first time ever, I won the half time draw! Well, not first prize, but close….

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