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Small Changes

Hi everyone,

We have a couple of small changes we'd like to tell you about. One is the simplification of the "More Info" section on a journal entry, and the other is a banner checking your email is correct. 

1) More Info

On all journal entries, there was a "More Info" section, which showed some EXIF data for the picture (if the picture had any), and various other buttons. We've had a small but steady stream of support calls asking where the edit / delete / report buttons are, as they were hidden under this section until it was clicked. We've decided to simplify this, and re-laid out the buttons and EXIF data in the page so that they're always visible.

Note that some software photo editors can strip out EXIF data, so if you don't see any on your journal entries, it'll be because the picture doesn't contain any. There are also some combinations of camera and lens that put some pretty interesting values in the EXIF data and the Blipfoto site just reads these.

2) Email Banner

You'll now periodically see a banner appear at the top of the website asking you to reconfirm your email address that you use for the website. It'll appear every six months that you use the site. We get a continuous stream of support calls saying that the person has forgotten their password and no longer has access to their email address that they originally used on the site. The "Forgotten Password" link needs access to the email address, so if it's an old one that makes it hard for us. To protect the security of your journal we can't just change the email address or give you a new password without being absolutely sure it's your journal. All this takes a lot of our volunteer time, so the banner is designed to help reduce these support calls. Just click "yes" if it's still your current active email address, or "No" if it isn't and it'll take you to the page where you can update it.


Note that both of these changes apply to the website and the mobile site only for now, not the apps. Thanks to the technical volunteers that responded to our last call for action, we're hoping we can expand our support to better cover the apps too, and possibly some other special projects. Any other techies that would like to get involved please let Annie know (annie at To those that have already volunteered, thank you for your patience, and we'll get going in the next couple of weeks.

There have been a whole bunch of other smaller fixes in the background too that hopefully you won't have noticed. But we won't bore you with those!

The Blipfoto Team

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