light and dark

I was doing some work with Loyalists including ex combatants, looking at equality and poverty. I heard some terrible stories of the 40 years which we here euphemistically call "the troubles" - why people joined para-military groups for example.
I also spent time listening to a you man who, as a 15 year old, lost his 13 year old sister in what we refer to as  "the shankill road bomb" in 1993 , when 9 people died. In the following week in revenge attacks, 14 people were murdered. He saw the attack!
He is still "there" 26 years ago, his mental health profoundly impacted. We have had a cease fire since 1998 and yet thousands still suffer. This, for me, at least, is a timely remember that we only need to light one candle to dispel darkness.

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