By davesfotos

Gisors castle in the winter snow

The snow has all gone and it was 8C this morning.
Molly and MrsD went out for supplies and a long walk.
I spent a good part of the morning in my outside storeroom.
There was a horrible smell which is probably a dead mouse so I moved as much as I could swept and picked up as I went but couldn't find it.
I'm sure it's behind a big fridge or cupboard at the far end and too much trouble to move these items.
The smell will go in a few days and being winter won't attract flys etc so I'll leave it for the moment but will plan to move those items at a later date.
I honestly took no photos so I'm posting one from the castle in Gisors that I took yesterday afternoon.
Helene the hairdresser is coming later for MrsD and I'll have a trim too.
Otherwise it's TV sport for me.
I hope you have a good day too and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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