By DonnaWanna

A Tiny Visitor

I was taking a shot of my lovely frangipani which has finally flowered and right where i was leaning was this tiny lizard. I think its Lizzy Lizard as her midriff looks a little large so we might hear the patter of even tinier feet pretty soon, hope so as they are so sweet!

Big day out with J and then onto G’s for lovely afternoon tea. Then had to rush J home early as he’s going out for dinner with all his housemates and then they’re watching the fireworks celebrations for Australia Day from a friend on a hill’s backyard ;o).

I’ll be relaxing in the lounge room with my iPad because poor Toto hates the fireworks which we can hear from our place ;((. Once its all over he’s fine again so i’ll just keep him inside and turn the music up ;o)

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