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By Wendles56

Parkrun Fun

We love parkrun!  For a couple of hours each Saturday we get to come together with a wide range of folks to run 5k around our local park, or to marshall the folks running 5k around our local park.  There are 'serious' runners and Club runners and Hobbler type runners and folks recovering from illness both physical and mental.  There are folks running with their children, folks running with guides and folks running with their dogs.  There are those who will take 18 minutes to complete the four laps and there are those who will take over an hour.  There are six year olds and seventy six year olds.  It's a whole load of happiness and it's all free of charge.  Have I sold it to you yet?

There were no Hobblers running today, but four Hobblers + Honorary Hobbler Tony, marshalling.  Here are Neil and Helen.  Helen is fast gaining a reputation for being particularly encouraging on the difficult hill section.

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