Silly Saturday...

It might look as if I've been smoking 50 a day for 50 years, which could be regarded as somewhat silly. Happily, I haven't.

This is my Silly Saturday blip for this week, although maybe it should really be titled "Silly Friday". Yesterday evening I was trying to help my Dad sort out a problem with his printer: it wouldn't use its yellow ink. Silly me - whilst trying to see if a new cartridge would put it right I gripped the new one too hard whilst peeling off the sticky sealing tape, and squeezed ink onto my fingers. It doesn't wash off very easily - the photo was taken this morning and they're still rather yellow.

Unfortunately it turned out that the cartridge wasn't the problem; we then tried several head-cleaning cycles but to no avail. Youtube shows how to remove and manually clean the heads so it's probably worth a go as otherwise he'll need to buy a new printer anyway. Happily the latest version of his printer is selling at only £45 so it won't be a disaster (and there's no point in paying for a professional repair). I'll probably have a go at it early next week: I like fiddling with gadgets and if I break it, or fail, there's nothing lost and I'll have fun trying.   :-))

(Note: I originally cropped the thumbnail of the photo to show my inky index finger. But then I thought I'd be a bit more silly - the blip upload page says "choose thumbnail" I did as I was told!!)

Thanks to admirer, the excellent host of Silly Saturday.

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