Backstage Barbican

Work this morning, but I took the afternoon off to go to a backstage tour at the Barbican.  I'd been invited along with all their other past and present instagrammers.  There were ten of us in all - good to meet some of those who had gone before me, as well as those who were about to get started.

Really ineteresting tour.  Just after I took this photo, we were led across the stage, while the actors were all still in situ.  Suddenly a voice came out of the sounds system, "Hello."  Haha, that's friendly, I thought, until it continued "This is just about the worst time to walk across the stage.  We've got someone on stilts."  Oops!  Bit embarrassing to be told off by the director - but our tour guide had checked with someone before leading us across, and had obviously been told it was OK.  

I never did see the person on stilts....

After the tour finished, we got the added bonus of being taken into 'the concrete room' - basically a narrow curved gantry, but the walls are lined with endless concrete panels, all of which are the original samples from when the Barbican was built - all with different texture, where they were trying to work out what finish to go with.  Fascinating!

Headed back to work briefly after that, then out with several colleagues for a couple of drinks.  Then home to Tim for a tasty takeaway and a relaxed Friday night in :)

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